"I’m running to make government work for those who need it most.
To restore the hope that our future can be better.
To make sure that everyone has a fair shot at a better life." 









Dutchess County needs to remain affordable for residents and provide opportunities for equitable economic growth to keep taxes low and create good paying local jobs. We need a strategic plan for prosperity that helps our current businesses grow, new businesses to develop, and create and expand pathways to the middle class.


Our current “plan” of throwing away tax dollars to outside developers must come to an end. It is time to have real transparency & oversight over the IDA and the LDC to improve fiscal responsibility. This past summer the NYS Comptroller reported Dutchess once again-- by far -- spent the most per job created out of all counties in the Hudson Valley. ($16,096.87 = 1 Job in Dutchess VS. $1,935.19 = 1 Job in Orange County). These wasted tax dollars should be going to restoring our starved out essential services.


We have been left not with a Dutchess that is more affordable, but rather a hollowed out middle class, and created a race to the bottom. To create the new economic opportunities needed to move Dutchess forward, we need a plan that grows our economy from within by supporting small businesses, strengthening unions, and protecting worker rights.




This pandemic has shown us how interconnected we all are. To build a better Dutchess we must build communities that have a shared sense of social responsibility, are inclusive to all, and make sure no one gets left behind.


We must increase support for our stabilization center and take the opioid crisis and the  growing mental health crisis head on. By adopting a housing-first approach, we would save taxpayer dollars by keeping people with chronic and complex health conditions who experience long-term homelessness out of hospitals and jails. With a plan for prosperity, we will be able to strengthen our essential services that help seniors, veterans, youth, and families, instead of seeing programs cut and shifting those costs to residents who have to pay more individually than we do collectively.


Having a strategic long-term plan for economic growth will give our county the resources needed to invest in a green, clean, and innovative future that benefits everyone- - regardless of incomes, ages, and backgrounds.


We need to protect our drinking water and improve our air quality that currently gets a D rating from the American Lung Association. By increasing the effectiveness of how we spend our tax dollars we will be able to invest in green infrastructure. Smart and sustainable growth means ensuring future development works for those living in the neighborhood: increasing the tax base without destroying property values, encouraging healthy living and well being, preserving open spaces, and protecting the environment. As county legislator I will lead our government's efforts in aggressively applying for the state grants available for green job training, greener public transit, & protection of wetlands.

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